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Resoe - Buchenholz EP

A1. Moorpark
B2. Apart From Space
Year 2007


    Leftover - Eichenholz EP

    A1. Relation
    A2. Guidance
    B1. Linear Aspect
    B2. Subconscious
    Year 2008


      Johan Fotmeijer - Sommerlinde EP

      A1. Embrace The Night
      B1. Love Unlimited
      B2. Love Unlimited
      (Resoe´s Unter Den Linden Dub)
      Year 2008


        Atheus - Weide EP

        A1. Quadradelay
        B1. Sphere One
        Year 2008


          Marko Fürstenberg - Eibenstock EP

          A1. Espenhain
          B1. Espenhain
          (Sgi_s Remix)
          B2. Ratzholz
          Year 2009


            Resoe - Magnolie EP

            A1. Cosmic Blast
            B1. Cosmic Blast
            (Norman Nodge Remix)
            B2. Dusty Grounds
            Year 2009


              Leftover - Der Kirschbaum EP

              A1. Desolate Plains
              A2. Nova
              B1. Tow
              (Resoe Remix)
              B2. Tow
              Year 2012


                Resoe - Ahorn EP

                A1. Distant Noizes
                B1. Blazing Deep
                B2. V One
                Year 2012


                  Various Artists - Zederholz EP

                  A1. Leftover - Thoughtwave
                  A2. Resoe - Evolving Moments
                  B1. Stefan Gubatz - Nachfahrt
                  B2. Ryo Murakami - Liberation
                  Year 2012


                    Havantepe - Olivenbaum EP

                    A1. War Cry
                    B1. Revolt
                    Year 2014


                      Havantepe - Revolt 7

                      A1. Revolt
                      (Resoe´s Eiffel Remix)
                      Limited 100 To Copies
                      Year 2015


                        RCD - Der Kifernholz EP

                        A1. Pullher
                        A2. Recall
                        B1. Marlin
                        B2. Rem
                        Year 2015


                          YWF - Platane EP

                          A1. S2
                          A2. Abscond
                          B1. S2
                          (Sven´s Atmosphere
                          Mediterranean Mix)
                          Coming Up

                            BAUM LIMITED PICTURE EDITION

                            BAUM LPE001

                            Resoe / Shinsuke Matsumoto

                            A1. Resoe - SMB Version
                            B1. Shinsuke Matsumoto - Kare
                            Year 2009

                              BAUM LPE002

                              Dubatech / Havantepe

                              A1. Dubatech - Nonagon
                              B1. Havantepe - Re-uptake
                              Year 2009

                                BAUM LPE003

                                Resoe / Zoltan Solomon

                                A1. Resoe - Wasted Echo
                                B1. Zoltan Solomon - CNX
                                Coming up


                                  Resoe aka Dennis Uprock is Dennis Bøg who grew up in the outskirts of Copenhagen – Denmark.

                                  At an early age he already had interest in music playing organ and drums, but it was in 1986 after he became friends with the legendary Danish Hip Hop DJ Typhoon, he got into collecting vinyl and started playing vinyl.

                                  At first his interest was mainly Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Jazz and Reggae, but when House and Techno got introduced in Europe, he got hooked immediately. In 1992 he became the resident DJ at the famous Danish gay club called After Dark/Metro, where he played 6 nights a week for two years, before he relocated to New York and Miami, for a short period of time.

                                  When he came back he held a residency at the club Stengade 30 as Dennis Uprock on Thursdays, which he did all the time the night existed. In 1996 he started working at the famous record shop, but now closed Loud Records for six years. This is where he met and became friends Aron Loud and Kenneth Christiansen. Together with Aron he started the DJ and production collective Sonik Soul ,which at some time also included Martinez of Guidance Recordings fame. Aron and Dennis played more or less every club worth mentioning in the 90´s and 00´s of Copenhagen, and they were the resident DJ´s at the famous Vega Nightclub & Stereo Bar for years.

                                  The Sonik Soul nights was like a melting pot of all kinds of music, ranging from Deep House, Garage, Broken Beat, Soul, Hip Hop, Dub and Reggae and occasionally Techno. As Sonik Soul he and Aron joined forces with DJ Malachy, to form the club Homecookin´ showcasing the evolving sound of West London called Broken Beat.
                                  Over time Homecookin´ evolved into a more Reggae and Dancehall orientated club, and this was the forerunner for the famous Sunday night club called Rub A Dub Sundays. Besides being part of Sonik Soul and the Homecookin´ crew, he played under his moniker Dennis Uprock, and he was one of the key figures of the Danish Deep House scene.

                                  He is a really skilled DJ, and in his sets he can take people on a musical journey through time, due to his diverse record collection. Dennis is strong believer in the vinyl format and these days prefer to play Raw House Music, Deep Techno and Dub Techno.

                                  In 1998 Dennis started to buy his own equipment after saving up money for years, at that time the software plug ins and fast CPU´s wasn´t available, so it was much more difficult than it it´s today, for him to take the first steps into producing his own music. At first he thought it would be easy to learn, but he quickly found out it was not easy using all this hardware and a Atari Falcon. He realized he had to develop some skills, so he knew how to use the equipment properly, therefore he was studying production techniques reading tons of books and manuals.

                                  It took him many years before he felt comfortable enough to release his music. At first he thought of trying to send some demos around to different labels, but instead he decided to start up his own label, and this was when he established Baum.
                                  He used his old Graffiti name Resoe from back in the days on the first release, and he has bean using this since then.

                                  His first releases was heavily influenced by the Berlin Dub Techno sound, which he always been a big supporter of. This made many think he was a Dub Techno producer, but because of his music heritage, he did not see himself as this. Dennis get his inspiration from all kinds of music, and this you can hear on his critically acclaimed album “The Black Void Of Space” which was released on Echocord.
                                  Most of his productions do have some kind of Dub influence to it, but he prefers not to be categorized, because his musical style is so diverse.

                                  In 2008 he and Kenneth Christiansen owner of Echocord & Culture Box, spoke about making some music together, and this became the beginning of their name and label Pattern Repeat. At first they made an EP on Echocord Colour called Gauge Tension remixed by Ben Klock, but shortly after that they decided to start up the label Pattern Repeat, as an imprint for their own productions. This grew into a strong relationship between the two of them, and today they still continue to produce music together as much as they can find the time to, due their busy working schedules.

                                  He released numerous 12” under the name Resoe & Pattern Repeat, but he also uses the moniker Dennis Uprock for his House releases, which you could hear on the Japanese V/A EP on the label Pan Records from 2012.

                                  Dennis has perfomed as a DJ and Live alone and alongside Kenneth Christiansen all over Europe at clubs and festivals like Culture Box, Berghain, Fabric, Grounded Theory, Tresor, Arma 17, Suicide Circus, Off Sonar and Roskilde Festival to name a few.
                                  He has performed alongside XDB, Levon Vincent, St. Germain, Laurent Garnier, Marcel Dettmann, Deadbeat, Luke Hess, Fluxion, Mikkel Metal, Lawrence, John Roberts, Conforce and the list goes on…

                                  His releases can be found on the labels Baum, Baum LPE, Echocord, Echocord Colour, Pattern Repeat, Curle, Field Records and Pan Records.



                                  BOOKING REQUEST

                                  Resoe (Live or DJ)
                                  Pattern Repeat (Live or DJ)
                                  Dennis Uprock (DJ)


                                  TECH RIDER

                                  RESOE DJ:

                                  Mixers: Allen & Heath Xone 92 mixer or Urei 1603 or Urei 1605
                                  2 x Technics 1200 or 1210
                                  Good stereo monitors with controllable volume from DJ booth

                                  RESOE / LIVE:

                                  WHAT I NEED:

                                  Stereo monitors with controllable volume from stage
                                  Table (length x width) 1,5 x 1 meter minimum
                                  Stereo Line Input, balanced quarter inch jack
                                  Safe backstage area to place the equipment before and after show

                                  PATTERN REPEAT LIVE:

                                  WHAT WE NEED:

                                  Stereo monitors with controllable volume from stage
                                  Table (length x width) 1,5 x 1 meter minimum
                                  Stereo Line Input, balanced quarter inch jack
                                  Safe backstage area to place the equipment before and after show

                                  PATTERN REPEAT DJ:

                                  Mixer: Allen & Heath Xone 92 mixer
                                  2 x Technics 1200 or 1210
                                  1 x Pioneer CDJ2000 (Preferable) but CDJ1000 is ok.
                                  Good stereo monitors with controllable volume from DJ booth


                                  For bookings, remixes and other questions, please do not hesitate to write me.